Quick Rules & Regulations

  • Sunrise to Sunset Operation Only
  • No Touch and Goes – Full Stop Only
  • Park Only in Marked Spaces
  • If No Space Available – Park on Grass or Relocate to Another Airport
  • Please do not walk, run, bicycle, push stroller, drive car, or otherwise trespass on the runway!
  • No Low Passes or Flybys – Please Adhere to the FAR’s
  • 12,500 lb. Certified Gross Takeoff Weight Per City of Lakeway Ordinance 30.03.016
  • No Commercial Operations per City Ordinance – this includes drop off or pick up of passengers!

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the airpark’s rules and regulations, please click here to contact us at any time.


Please be sure to check the weather conditions. Click here for the latest weather information.